"The Law of Life is the desire for self-improvement"
Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy

Personal Goals

- I want to create something that will bring value for humanity;
- Something that will exist and serve people even after me;
- I want to become a valuable Enlightener;
- I want to learn the strengths of different cultures and apply them to myself.

Professional Goals

- I want to develop my soft and managing skills in the area of IT projects;
- I want to develop myself as a Scrum Master in IT delivery Projects;
- I want to teach my fellow students practical knowledge in an exciting manner.

About Project

"Scrum is like you mother-in-law, it points out ALL your faults"
Ken Schwaber

Research Goals

- Learn the main concepts of Scrum framework;
- Learn advantages of delivering agile projects using popular agile frameworks;
- Learn advantages of traditional project management methodology;
- Learn more about Project Management Lifecycle;
- Learn main deliverables in each project phase.

Mission Statement

- Apply Scrum framework to an educational project;
- Define problematic areas of the project using Scrum framework;
- Acquire skills of using project management tool (Miro, Trello)
- Become confident in project management area.

Components of e-Portfolio

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Project Originating

Project proposal is a project management document that’s used to define the objectives and requirements of a CNB labs project.

Project Initiation

The project charter acts to define a number of key project elements including a project description, scope definition, and role/responsibility definition.

Project Planning Phase

Project planning communicates deliverables, timing and schedules, along with team roles and responsibilities.

Project Execution Phase

Phase defines the main activities required to deliver a product. It defines the tasks, schedules and resources management while delivering the product.

Reflective Essay

Essay is a self-assessment that examines the entire body of Project Management course.

Project Poster

Project Poster is a research-based presentation of my work results.

Quiz Result

Free PMP Practice Exam Result screenshot.

Peers Review

Peers work feedback during course.

Video Presentation

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Project Overview

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